My New Hearing Aids Make Me SMILE!

My granddaughters would laugh and I laughed right along with them not knowing what they said. I can understand and hear now what I am laughing about with my new rechargeable aids. I love them! My new hearing aids make me SMILE!

-Alberta Wineinger

Truthful and Honest and Great to Work!

I have been to 5 other hearing professionals for help with my hearing loss. Schrink Audiology Hearing & Care has been truthful and honest and great to work with from the hearing test to the continued care and service they provide. WOW!

-Andy Lockman

I Highly Recommend Everyone To Get A BASELINE Hearing Test

I woke up one morning with sudden severe hearing loss due to an inner ear infection. After visiting several specialists, I soon came to realize the importance of a BASELINE hearing test. This information is needed to compare normal hearing to any kind of hearing loss. I went for help and support for my hearing loss and I highly recommend everyone to get a BASLINE hearing test at Schrink Audiology Hearing & Care.

– Barbara Spray

I Am Very Pleased With My New Rechargeable Hearing Aids!

I am very pleased with my new rechargeable hearing aids and so happy with the wonderful care and service provided by Jeanne, D.J. and Cindy! I would highly recommend Schrink Audiology Hearing & Care to ANYONE who needs help understanding and hearing better.

– Bill Day

My old hearing aids were like having a loudspearker in my head.

I had significant hearing loss for a number of years due to shooting firearms on the range as a police officer and in competition. My old hearing aids were like having a loudspearker in my head. I heard only the loudest noise in the room which usually wasn’t the conversation I wanted to hear. The new hearing aid technology I got from Jeanne is absolutely amazing! Background noises are completely gone. Conversations are crisp and clear. Jeanne is awesome with her patients and extremely thorough. I will be eternally grateful to her for my new hearing! 

-Pastor Bill Lockman

I Would Recommend SAHC to my Family, Friends and Customers

As a business owner, I know word of mouth is the best advertising. The testimonials given by Schrink Audiology Hearing & Care patients convinced me to go see Jeanne and D.J. to have my hearing tested. I noticed others having to speak up and repeat for me to understand the conversation. At Schrink Audiology & Hearing Care, I received great one-on-one customer service, outstanding product, and the same level of integrity that I strive for in my own business. 

-Bob Poynter

Schrink Audiology Hearing & Care Gave Me A Comfortable, Small Town Feeling

I have substantial hearing loss. I looked around Indianapolis for a hearing aid provider, but none have me a, “Comfortable, Small Town” feeling. I have worked retail for over forty years and I an not easily “WOWED” by customer service. Schrink Audiology Hearing & Care has given me so much more than a “WOW” experience with my new hearing aids!

-Dick McNeely

I Made The Right Decision

I had been told by my daughters, ‘Mom, you need hearing aids.’ I knew it, but I just needed a shove. Since I received my hearing aids from Schrink Audiology Hearing & Care in Seymour, my grandchildren tell me they can tell a difference in my speech and hearing. Super professionalism in the testing, fitting, follow up appointments, instructions on care, and 24 hour consultation if needed.

-Marilyn Reed

I now have more confidence than ever before working with the public

I have been around loud equipment with my commercial, industrial , and residential business. Over time, the excessive exposure to loud sounds has caused damage to my hearing that I did not realize until being tested by Jeanne. She informed me that I needed to protect the hearing I still have left. Wearing my hearing aid helps me focus on conversation and reduces the effort is took to understand what is being said. I now have more confidence than ever before working with the public.

-Mark Edmundson

I Can Hear With Both Ears!

I was fitted with a left and right hearing aid with what is called cross over technology. I CAN HEAR WITH BOTH EARS! I can now pick up sounds from my left side that transmits into the right ear. I am so excited that I now have the effect of normal hearing. Jeanne Schrink is not just about selling hearing aids, she really cares about making my hearing experience as good as possible.

– Michael Clerkin

I am so delighted that I can hear... and understand.

I have worked in construction my whole life and was always exposed to loud noises. I didn’t realize I had a hearing loss, although I knew I wasn’t understanding what people, especially my grandchildren or crowds of people, were saying. After having any hearing tested, it was confirmed that I could hear pretty well, but I couldn’t understand what everyone was saying. I now have hearing aids and am so deslighted that I can hear birds chirp, my grandchildren speaking, and am able to understand people in crowds. Thank you, Schrink Audiology Hearing and Care! 

-Mike Luedeman

Thank The Lord That Jeanne Could Help Me!

Thank the Lord that Jeanne Schrink could help me and did not turn me away. Jeanne is the most caring person I know. She will cry right along with you with the happiness you are feeling when you can hear better for the first time in your life. She loves what she does and is the best you will find for hearing care needs. I am now living my life to the fullest.

-Rhonda Pyle

I Absolutely Can't Imagine Life Without Them!

I have had my hearing devices for almost 2 years now and absolutely cannot imagine life without them. Oh my, what I misssed out on by not knowing how poor my hearing had gotten. My granddaughter’s high pitched voice was a problem for me to understand. I was turning the volume up on the TV to try to understand what was being said and asking people to repeat things. The professional service I have received from Jeanne, DJ, and Cindy is fantastic! LIFE IS GOOD!! And too short to miss out on how GREAT it is to hear really well. I HIGHLY recommend Schrink Audiology to improve your sense of hearing like they have mine.

-Rick Graham

The Best Part Is No More Ringing!

Great service, product and a 75 day money back guarantee with hearing aids 2 different times with less technology from other hearing providers. I was disappointted with the results and could not return aids for a refund. I am very happy with Schrink Audiology Hearing & Care. I am so thankful for my new hearing aid technology from Schrink Audiology Hearing & Care. I have tinnitus/ringing in my ears and with my new aids in my ears I do NOT hear the ringing. The loud tinnitus made it hard to concentrate on hearing and understanding conversations. I can now hear, and understand better with my new hearing aids and the best part is NO MORE RINGING!

-Tom Dunbar

Your concern, advice, and follow-up have really been a blessing!

I had purchased hearing aids the previous year, from a local provider. After numerous adjustments to the devices, I was still not satisfied by their performance. I decided to visit Schrink Audiology Hearing & Care for a review. Jeanne’s referral to an Otolaryngologist got to the root of my hearing problem, and a recoomendation for a hearing aid solution. Her concern, advice, and follow-up have really been a blessing! I hear very well now. Thank you Jeanne, and your staff, DJ and Cindy, for your professionalism.

-Vic Thixton

What A Difference!

After going through two sets of hearing aids, I had about given up on better hearing. Then I decided to give Schrink Audiology a try. What a difference! They were after the sale to adjust my hearing aids on a regular basis. Their customer service is second to none! Thanks to Jeanne, DJ & Cindy for my Better Hearing.

-Butch Wheeler